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Painting a Deathwing Sergeant

I started by cleaning and partially assembling the miniature. I then primed the figure white, and gave it a thin wash of Citadel Dark Flesh.  Now Citadel is not my favorite paint to use, but I have tons of it, left over from my days as a store owner.

Once the paint had dried I then painted the insignias on the shoulder, Storm Bolter, Legging, Forehead with Citadel Fiery Orange.

I then washed the insignia down with a thin coat of Citadel Vermin Brown, and finished them with Citadel Dwarf Bronze once it had Dried. I continued by applying a  thin coat of Citadel Vomit Brown & Dark Flesh in a three to one mix. Notice that I only painted the larger areas.

I Painted the Chest insignia with a thin coat of Citadel Dark Angels Green and then went over the model with the first of many very thin layers of Vomit Brown mixed with Citadel Skull White. With each thin layer I added a bit more white to the mix.

I continued with the lighter and lighter coats of the Vomit Brown and White mix until I was satisfied with the look. I then added Red for the Eyes and Storm Bolter Cover, added some preliminary Details and very lightly brushed some Citadel Goblin Green over the Chest Insignia to bring out the details.

Click on picture for larger view.

I will add in some more details prior to placing this on my web-site for sale.  If you would like to see more things I have painted visit me on the web at :